Sahan Mental Health Hospital

Sahan has been working in mental health for many years with cured more patients in the Hospital and always ready to provide support for the impact of social strives and a clan conflict experienced and aggravated not only the physical and visible aspect of social fabric in Somaliland community

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The Hospital's services consists several different Programs

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  • Resistance

  • Mental health is shaped by personal experiences, social conditions, and biological factors. Good mental health is essential to actualize human potential. We strongly believe that providing mental health care is a collective social responsibility.
  • Treatment

  • We provide high quality clinical care in a compassionate atmosphere that protects an individual’s dignity and enhances a person’s autonomy. We follow international guidelines; we also have excellent systems, policies, and people to provide the most effective care.
  • Survival

  • We promote self-management to the extent possible and therefore impart skills that will help our patients lead normal lives. Life’s journey is tough for many with mental disorders; we are here to provide support and skills training. Yes, together we can.


During the FIRST assessment, the patient is seen by a mental health nurse (for comprehensive personal history), a physician (for physical health assessment), a psychologist ( for psychological assessment) , and a Psychiatrist (for recommendations regarding the treatment).

Our assessments are comprehensive and this process normally takes 2-3 hours.

Our purpose built emergency assessment area is open 24 hours. Assessment and immediate treatment is available on all days.

Our purpose-built, temperature- controlled intensive care unit receives patients who are identified to be a risk to themselves or to others (aggression, violence). Patients in the ICU receive 24 hour high level observation, support, and any other necessary interventions. Depending on the needs, a patient in the ICU may be nursed constantly by 1 or 2 staff.


24 Hour Emergency Service
24 Hour Emergency Service
Patients can stay without Family

Patients can stay without Family

Safety First

Safety First

We have highly Competent Staff

We have highly Competent Staff